Midterm on Tuesday, February 24th 2009

Notes on Chaps 2, 3, 4, and 7

ISU570 Human Computer Interaction

Professor Futrelle, CCIS, Northeastern University - Spring 2009

Version of February 21, 2009

Below, I describe six topics, one from each of chapters 2 and 3, two from chapter 4 and two from chapter 7. On the quiz, I will give you three questions, each based on one of the six topics. So obviously, you need to carefully study the six topics so you'll be ready for whichever I choose to put on the quiz. As in Quiz #2, the overall goal is to allow you to concentrate on limited portions of the chapters, so you can learn a few important topics well, rather than many topics superficially. The topics I choose not to ask about may well show up on later tests, so your efforts will not be wasted. (It's never a waste of time to learn interesting and useful things!)

Chapter 2: The material on direct manipulation, pages 70 through 73. I will give you a specific example; you will need to discuss the benefits of direct manipulation, especially as listed on page 73.

Chapter 3: The material on memory, pages 107 to 110, especially the bulleted items on page 110.

Chapter 4: Sec. 4.2.3, on coordination, especially the discussion in Box 4.4. For example, what are the roles of email versus posted paper copies describing events? Both are used in our College. Why both?

Chapter 4: Page 143. This describes a relation between text and graphics related to the imagination. Even more importantly, graphics shows you things, but text can tells about things. Be ready to discuss an example of this such as: "An online system for distributing photos of apartments will not be useful unless the photos are accompanied by text describing where they are, when they are available, lease info, who to contact, and so forth."

Chapter 7: Sec. 7.4. Compare and contrast unstructured versus structured interviews.

Chapter 7: Pages 314 and 315. Compare and contrast a Likert scale versus a semantic differential scale for a questionnaire about a specific example I will give you.

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