Final Exam on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What you need to know

ISU570 Human Computer Interaction

Professor Futrelle, CCIS, Northeastern University - Spring 2009

Version of April 9, 2009

The Final Exam will be held on Wednesday, April 22 at 8:00 AM in 158 Ryder

Seven topics from your textbook are listed below. On the Final, I will give you five questions, each based on one of the seven topics. So obviously, you need to carefully study the seven topics so you'll be ready for whichever five I choose to put on the Final. Each question will revolve around one or two of the basic HCI concepts we have studied. The questions will typically ask you to discuss the concepts as they might apply to an artifact I give you.

Obviously, you will need to study more than just the few pages I list in order to get a clear understanding of each topic.

Chapter 2: Users' conceptual models, pgs 51-53.

Chapter 3: The design implications of Attention and Perception, pgs 98, 99, and the top of pg 101.

Chapter 6: Consistency and memorability in the joint use of icons and text in menus, pgs 230-240.

Chapter 7: Compare and contrast the four types of interviews, Sec. 7.4, pgs 298-303. Give examples of questions that might be pursued about some artifact.

Chapter 8: Compare and contrast the use of a Likert scale and a semantic differential scale.

Chapter 9: User-centered design, pgs 425-426.

Chapter 10: Compare and contrast usability testing and field studies, pgs 591-592.

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