SIGIR 2003 papers - Assignments

ISU535 Information Retrieval - Spring 2004

Professor Futrelle

Updated 28 March 2004

Semester Project

See the Syllabus/Schedule page for the four due dates of:

  1. March 17th, one-page description (15% of project credit).
  2. March 25th, two-page description (20% of project credit).
  3. April 4th, "final" version due (55% of project credit, 65% if nothing additional needs to be handed in on the 13th).
  4. April 13th, final updates, if any to your project (10% of project credit if necessary).

The SIGIR assignment (completed)

Three papers to read (and tested on Midterm, March 11th)

I have already given you the first two of the three papers below and will hand out the third shortly. We will discuss the papers in class on the dates noted next to each one.

  1. "As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush The Atlantic Monthly July 1945. (Read by February 23rd)
  2. "Challenges in information retrieval and language modeling: Report of a workshop held at the center for intelligent information retrieval, University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2002" ACM SIGIR Forum Volume 37 Issue 1, pgs 31-47. (Read by February 26th)
  3. "What next? A dozen information-technology research goals" by Jim Gray Journal of the ACM (JACM) Volume 50 Issue 1 (January 2003) pgs 41-57. (Read by March 8th)

Further details on what you should be looking for in these papers and what you'll need to know about these for the Midterm are here.

The diagram gathering assignment

In this assignment, spread over two weeks, you are to find two diagrams plus ancilarry information. Due Feb. 12th and 19th. Here are the details. Many additional notes have been sent to the mailing list too.

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