CSU430 Database Design

Fall 2007

College of Computer & Information Science
Northeastern University
Professor Robert P. Futrelle

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The official course description: Studies the design of a database for use in a relational database management system. The entity-relationship model and normalization are used in problems. Relational algebra and then the SQL (structured query language) are presented. Advanced topics include triggers, stored procedures, indexing, elementary query optimization, and fundamentals of concurrency and recovery. Students implement a database schema and short application programs on one or more commercial relational database management systems. Prerequisite: CS U213

Students in the course: There are various things that you need to do as spelled out on the Course Information page and the various Assignment pages. You should also pay attention to the course Schedule page which can serve as a guide to what you need to be reading.

  • Get a copy of the textbook immediately and begin the your readings.
  • Sign up for the course mailing list immediately.
  • Use the proper subject line for all course-related email you send me.
  • You are responsible for reading the course website pages, including updates that I alert you to in class or via the mailing list.
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There is now a set of detailed requirments for your Final Project. Access it here.

September 29th: The details of the October 4th quiz on chapters 2 and 3 have been posted. Interestingly, every question and its answer will be available in advance. But you'll need to learn and know them in advance! Follow the Exam Information link on the left.

September 29th: I have requested that three useful books be put on reserve in Snell Library. As of my last check, September 29th, they are all now on reserve. One is the O'Reilly book, Learning MySQL, which I have shown you.
See this list mail item for details.

September 18: Homework assignment #1 available, due 11:50pm, Monday, Sept 24th. Follow the Assignments link on the left.

September 12th: The Schedule and Assignments are now distinguished: The Schedule describes what will be going on in class, including exams (which will have separate web page descriptions). The Assignments will primarily describe the homework assignments and their due dates.