CSG140 Computer Graphics - Spring 2004 - General Information

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of 26 February 2004

Course description, from the catalogue:

CS G140 Computer Graphics 4 Credit hours
Introduces the fundamentals of two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer graphics, with an emphasis on approaches for obtaining realistic images. Covers two-dimensional algorithms for drawing lines and curves, anti-aliasing, filling, and clipping. Studies rendering of three-dimensional scenes composed of spheres, polygons, quadric surfaces, and bi-cubic surfaces using ray-tracing and radiosity. Includes techniques for adding texture to surfaces using texture and bump maps, noise, and turbulence.
Prerequisite: Working knowledge of linear algebra.

In addition and partly in replacement of some of the topics mentioned above, there will material and work on 2D and especially, 3D animation.

Course Key Number:
Northeastern University, and the College of Computer and Information Sciences, Boston, MA.
Professor Robert P. Futrelle   Email me at: futrelle@ccs.neu.edu.
You can also use a web form to contact me without needing email access at all.
Futrelle's Office:
115 Cullinane, Lab: 53CN
Hardcopy mailbox:
161 Cullinane
Futrelle's office: 617-373-4239, Lab: 617-373-4607
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics by Peter Shirley (A K Peters, 2002) 1st edition. ISBN: 1-56881-124-1
Personal Help:
If you need help at any time, find Prof. Futrelle or call or send email, or ask in class to set up an appointment. Regular office hours are Mondays 12-1:30 and Thursdays 12-1:30.
On-line help:
There is a ton of information about computer graphics and about Java graphics on the web. See the graphics info link on the homepage.
Thursdays, 6pm-9pm 210 SH.
All students will do graphics programming, including an end-of-semester project (with an interim report). There may be some small interim projects also. I prefer that you do it in Java. The examples I've posted are in Java. The absolute requirement is that I be able to compile, run and view your graphics code on the College's Sun Solaris system. Also, you must be careful to "present" your work well. Just handing me a bunch of code with no explanation will not do.
The grading percentages are as follows:
The course email archives:
All students in the course will be signed up at the for the mailing list in order to receive important notices. You can only post mail to the list using the email address you're signed up with. All mail to the list is archived and available here: https://lists.ccs.neu.edu/pipermail/csg140-sp04-rpf/. Post away -- your questions and information may well be of interest to other students in the class. Post mail to the list from your registered email address to here: csg140-sp04-rpf@lists.ccs.neu.edu

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