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CSG140 - Computer Graphics (Graduate) - Spring 2004

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Updated 15 April 2004

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This course builds on your knowledge of programming, data structures and algorithms and linear algebra to introduce the foundations of computer graphics. And of course it gives you lots of opportunities to produce your own graphics for display. Use the informational and resource links at the left to get to other important information.

News and Notes

15 April 2004: The last lecture of the semester will focus on high-performance real-time graphics using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). See the link to the left or go directly here.

21 February 2004: There have been major updates to the site, starting with a more detailed course schedule and including information about the Midterm Exam (March 18th), the final project (variants of ray tracing). I've also finalized the grading policy, the percent credit for the various tests and assignments.

21 January 2004: The first assignment is posted. Follow the Assignments link on the left. It is a programming assignment due Wednesday, February 4th, two weeks from today.

20 January 2004: We will be moving steadily into high-realism graphics, starting with interpolated shading and the use of barycentric coordinates for triangles in particular. There are a few more details on the Schedules page. In addition, I've created a simple example of shading a 2D rectangle. Follow the Example code link on the left and look for the shadedRectangle directory. There's a screen shot that should open in your browser.

13 January 2004: This site is very much in the development stage as I adapt and augment existing material. (Some of the material from an earlier version of this course may apply, a good bit of it will not.) Any link to the left that is in parentheses is not yet available.