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CSG120 Artificial Intelligence -- Spring 2006

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Site updated 11 April 2006

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The official course description: This course introduces the fundamental problems, theories and algorithms of the artificial intelligence field. Topics covered include: heuristic search and game trees; knowledge representation using predicate calculus; automated deduction and its applications; problem solving and planning; introduction to machine learning. Required coursework includes the creation of working programs that solve problems, reason logically, and/or improve their own performance using techniques presented in the course. Prerequisite: Lisp or Java programming. (Lisp or Scheme preferred!)

News and Notes

11 April 2006: The Final Exam will be a take-home exam to be distributed Monday, April 24th and due Friday, April 28th, 11:59pm.

7 March 2006: Assignment #3 has also been posted on the Assignments page. This is based on Section V of AIMA, Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning.
DUE DATE: Monday, March 27th.

6 March 2006: The remainder of Assignment #2 has been posted on the Assignments page. (The info had already been sent in email to the class on 2/27.)
DUE DATE: Monday, March 20th.

12 February 2006: A new link has been added on the left to Natural Language Processing, NLP. There are quite a number of up-to-date resources listed and linked there. I've added this because there are a number of students in the courses who are interested in an NLP project.

28 December 2005: The two AI courses, CSU520 and CSG120 will be taught separately but in synchrony. The topics covered in the two will be quite similar, but the depth of treatment, assignments, and exams will differ between them.