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COM1370 - Computer Graphics - Summer 2003

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

(Updated 19 August 2003)

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This course builds on your knowledge of programming, data structures and algorithms and linear algebra to introduce the foundations of computer graphics. And of course it gives you lots of opportunities to produce your own graphics for display. Use the informational and resource links at the left to get to other important information.

News and Notes

News 8/19/03: Final Exam Review posted Access it through the exam information page here.

News 8/4/03: The review for Quiz #2 is posted here.

News 7/20/03: Important note added about the Java code question on the Midterm. The exam review is still available but has been supplemented by this new page.

News 7/15/03: Midterm Exam Review posted.

Note of 7/9/03: A set of notes have been written giving you suggestions on how to do and write up your projects. Here's the link.

News 7/1/03: I've placed a lot of sample graphics code on the site and written some notes on more than a half dozen of them. Follow this link to get to it.

News 6/28/03: To help you with the first quiz (Monday 6/30/03), a SAMPLE QUIZ has been added to the site. Your quiz will be quite similar, with changes in the actual coordinates, the angles, etc. Follow this link to get to it.

Note of 6/24/03: A text file of the groups and students sorted by group number is in this file.

Note of 6/22/03: The Honors Project will be an image browser. See the course email archives.

News 6/17/03: The most important news up front is that there will be some additional required class meetings in the middle of the quarter. An equal number of meetings will not be held during some days in August when Professor Futrelle will be in Europe at a computer conference. Details coming soon. The course grader, Ms. Shao, will be available when Prof. Futrelle is out of the country.