COM1370 Summer 2003 Exam information - Prof. Futrelle

Updated 19 August

All exams and quizzes are closed book/notes.

The Final Exam will be given 1pm Thursday 8/21 310 BK (Behrakis)

A page devoted to the review for Final can be found here.

Review for Quiz #2, to be given Thursday 14 August

A page devoted to the review for Quiz #2 can be found here.

Review for July 24th Midterm posted (on July 15th, updated July 20th)

There are quite a number of questions on this new Midterm review page, from past exams. There is one important section still to be added, about the Java graphics code you'll be required to write. That will be available in two or three days. In the meantime, you can study the examples online, the ones using Swing (JFrame and JPanel). The two simplest are:

But the Java information that is the most relevant to the Midterm, including and explanation of how the question will be posed and what you'll need to know can be found here (July 20th).

Quiz #1 to be given on Monday 30 June

NOTE: A sample quiz was added to the site on June 28th. Here is a link to some information to help you review for the quiz. At least 3/4 of the time your spend studying for the quiz should be spent doing computations on paper, not just reading and re-reading the material.

Quiz #2 to be given on Thursday 14 August

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