COM1370 Summer 2002 -- Midterm and Final Exams

Professor Futrelle, Northeastern U., College of Computer & Information Sciences

Updated 8/21/2002

The Final Exam will be given Tuesday, August 27th at 8am, 220 Shillman. Many of the topics covered on the Final will be similar to those on the Midterm. For that reason, copies of the Midterm exams have been posted, the "Red Exam" and the "Blue Exam". The other important page to study is the course wrapup page that includes additional topics (your choice of one of four topics).

The Midterm Exam was given Wednesday, July 31st. There was no code (Java source) given or asked for on the Exam. It was primarily devoted to graphics geometrical concepts and computations, the Geometrical Transformations chapter, Chapter 5. In addition there are a few topics from Chapters 11 and 19, which I went over in class.

It was a closed book, closed notes, no calculators exam.

The exam was be closely based on the specific items in the the Midterm Exam Guide available here. The Guide has questions but not answers. You should work to understand the questions and practice answering the questions and similar ones that you and your classmates make up. The questions will be discussed by Professor Futrelle in class this coming week, before the exam. So be sure to be in class. But as I've always emphasized, listening to me explain the answers may lull you into thinking that you understand the answers so well that you'll be able to write them down without any practice. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only way to prepare yourself to understand questions is to work with questions yourself; making up some variations is especially helpful. And the only way to prepare yourself to write out answers is to write out answers.

During that week there were slight alterations of topics or emphasis for the Midterm. But simply coming to class would keep you apprised of any such changes.

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