COM1370 Summer 2002 -- Course Wrapup

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer & Information Science

Updated 8/21/2002

The portion of the course following the Midterm Exam and carrying through to the end of the course on Thursday, August 22nd, will examine a variety of topics in modest depth.

Relation of material covered to the Final Exam: Since the material listed below will not be covered at length and in great technical depth, the policy for its appearance on the Final Exam will be as follows: For each topic noted below as "(choice on Final Exam)" there will be a question, and you will only be required to choose one of those questions to answer. The questions on those sections will not be highly technical, but I will be looking for evidence that you have carefully studied the topic you choose to answer. So study at least one of the marked topics. The remainder of the exam will revisit the material on the Midterm Exam, to assure that you have finally mastered it.

Topics for the remainder of the course.

The order below is the order in which I will discuss the topics, with the most important topics discussed first. So they aren't necessarily in order by chapter.

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