COM 1317 Transaction Processing Systems - Spring 2002 - Assignments

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version of 4/22/2002)

All reading assignments can be found on the Syllabus-Calendar page.

All programming assignments must have been tested on the College's Sun Unix systems, so I can run them myself there as needed, for grading purposes. These can be emailed with source files as attachments or included as appended text. HTML pages should be placed somewhere on a website that I can access.

The first assignment, Assignment #1, deals with designing and documenting APIs for a simple three-tiered system, using Javadoc. It is due Monday, April 15th, by the end of the day (midnight).

The second assignment, Assignment #2, deals with isolation (Chapter 6). It is due Monday, April 29th, handed in at the beginning of class as hardcopy.

The third assignment, Assignment #3, is to write questions for the Final Exam. It is due in two parts, as hardcopy. Part 1, for Chapters 6 and 8, Thursday, May 23rd and part 2, for Chapter 9, Thursday, May 30th.

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