COM1317 Assignment 3 -- Due May 23rd and 30th
Writing Questions for the Final Exam

Prof. Futrelle, College of Computer Science, Northeastern University

This assignment will help you review for the Final Exam

Overview: You are to write one question each for Chapters 6, 8 and 9, to be handed in as hardcopy. You will be graded on the questions, as with any homework assignment. I will choose from zero to six of your questions to be included on the Final, though I may edit the ones I include somewhat. I think that you'll find that the task of devising and explaining and justifying the worthiness of your questions is an educational one. (It ain't easy!)

What each of your questions must include:

Due dates for the assignment, handed in as hardcopy:

And please, put your name on each sheet you hand in and staple your sheets together! You can buy one of those dinky little staplers for next to nothing. You could even charge your friends to use yours ;-)

Extra questions: You may find yourself with more than three questions which you think would be good. You can certainly hand in a couple of extra ones if you want. (No extra credit for extra questions.)

Enjoy! -- Professor Futrelle

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