Sunday, December 31, 2006


Nice results from my UG graphics course, Fall 2005

I've taught a wide variety of CS courses in my twenty years at Northeastern.

In the Fall of 2005, I taught undergraduate Computer Graphics, CSU540. The construction of 3D objects and lighting them was based on triangular patches. Using barycentric coordinates, as described in Peter Shirely's graphics text (A K Peters, 2005), it is possible to easily decide whether or not a ray intersects the interior of the patch.

Course website:

Below are two of the best project results from the class. All programming was done from scratch in Java, using no prebuilt libraries or systems such as OpenGL. The only drawing primitive used was the ability to display a single pixel of a chosen color/intensity. I furnished a portion of the linear algebra code and the triangle intersection code. That's all.

By Alison Campanella -

By Jason Bernardo -

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