Problem Set 3

home work!

Topic Substitution, Equivalence, Church Encodings, and Redex Modeling

Due Friday, February 10, 2017 before class.


Problem 1 Fix your memo from problem set 1 in response to the feedback. Submit a printout of the memo at the beginning of class.

See here for Problems 2-6.

Deliverable Email a tar.gz bundle to me and Max New at our CCS email addresses before class on the due date. The name of the bundle should combine the last names of the pair in alphabetical order. The tar bundle must contain a single directory—with the same name as the tar ball—with a README.txt file, a pdf of your memo, and a Redex file 3.rkt that contains the solution to Problem 6.

The README.txt file must start with the following lines:

  ;; NameOfPartner1, NameOfPartner2


appropriately instantiated of course.

Solutions to Problems 2 to 5 should be submitted on paper at the beginning of class.