I am an Associate Professor at Northeastern University in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences. I joined Northeastern University in Fall 2016. Before that, I was a Consultant Research Scientist at RSA Laboratories, performing research in security analytics, cloud security, applied cryptography, and foundations of cybersecurity. I am the receipient of the Technology Review TR35 award for research in cloud security in 2011 and the recipient of the Google Security and Privacy Award 2019.
I serve as Program Commitee co-chair for the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2020 together with Hovav Shacham
My recent research evolves around the field of “security analytics”, the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in cyber security. I am interested in designing rigorous machine learning techniques for learning and predicting attacker behavior, detecting malicious infrastructures, and designing more effective defensive techniques. I am also interested in securing public clouds against emerging threats, while protecting tenants' privacy.
Another area of great interest is designing machine learning models resilient against adversarial manipulation in critical environments. Recently, a number of concerns about the security and ethical risks introduced by machine learning algorithms have emerged. Sophisticated attackers have strong incentives to manipulate the results and models generated by machine learning algorithms to achieve specific goals. I am interested in adversarial machine learning, a research area that studies the effect of adversarial attacks against machine learning models and aims to design robust algorithms.