Daniel Feinberg, MBA

Director of Health Informatics Program and Assistant Clinical Instructor, College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University

Daniel Feinberg has overseen the health informatics programs since 2009. He was the founder of the healthcare information technology and medical device company RetinaCheck, as well as the founder, chief executive officer, and chief information officer for several companies in the electronic publishing industry. He also has been a lecturer at Brandeis University. Feinberg is president of the New England chapter of the Health Informatics Management Systems Society for 2009–2010. He holds an MBA with a health-care management focus from Boston University.

Gil Alterovitz, PhD

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, and Research Affiliate, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In addition to teaching in Northeastern’s health informatics programs, Gil Alterovitz is a researcher at Harvard Medical School’s Biomedical Cybernetics Laboratory, where he is involved in designing methods to extract and optimize information in biomedical networks. He is a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group’s Council of Health Care Advisors and was the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship. Alterovitz holds a PhD in biomedical informatics from MIT.

Timothy Bickmore, PhD

Assistant Professor, College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University

Timothy Bickmore has been a member of the Northeastern faculty since 2005. In 2006, he received a prestigious National Science Foundation Career Award to develop and evaluate a virtual health-counseling agent to improve patients’ adherence to exercise, diet, and medication regimens and to change long-term health behavior. His is also collaborating with Boston Medical Center researchers to improve the health of pregnant young African American women by developing a technology to bring tailored health messages into their homes via this Web-based, animated counselor. Professor Bickmore holds a PhD in media arts and sciences from MIT and both an MS in computer science and a BSE in computer systems engineering from Arizona State University.

Scott Bradley, MEM

Global Product Manager, Drager Medical

Scott Bradley has been responsible for global product lifecycle management for all network and interface products and services at Drager Medical since 2006. Previously, he was a senior technical consultant for Guidant, where he supported its new remote patient management system. Bradley holds a master’s degree in engineering management from Saint Martin’s University in Washington.

Jeffrey Brown, MS

Senior Manager/Corporate Team Lead, Partners HealthCare

Jeffrey Brown has been involved in enterprise system implementation and integration at Partners HealthCare and also led the design, management, and implementation of a remote monitoring application for patients with diseases and conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and hypertension. Earlier, as a technology manager with Deloitte Consulting and Children’s Hospital Boston, he managed teams developing and supporting integrated systems for physician and large hospital groups. Brown holds a master’s degree in health informatics from Northeastern University as a well as a master’s degree in executive management from MIT.

Tom Congoran, MBA, MEd

Chief Financial Officer,Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and Atrius Health

Tom Congoran has extensive management, finance, and information systems experience in both the health-care and software industries. His past positions include chief operating officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire and chief financial officer for Healthsource, Inc. He earned his MBA in accounting at San Diego State University and a Master of Education degree at Tufts University.

Norm Costin MBA

Vice President of Information and Knowledge Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Since joining Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in 1998, Norm Costin has led the development of organization-wide data standards as well as its data warehouse architecture, development, and delivery. He previously was the director of data warehouse systems for Healthsource, Inc. Costin holds an MBA in operations management from Bentley College.

Leonard D’Avolio, PhD

Post-Doctoral Medical Informatics Fellow, VA Boston Healthcare System

Leonard D’Avolio earned his PhD at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he was a National Library of Medicine Fellow in the Medical Imaging Informatics Group and was involved in developing and evaluating automated methods to use information in free text clinical documents. He previously held industry positions as a software developer, programmer analyst, and consultant.

Catherine DeLorey, DPH

President, Women’s Health Institute

Catherine DeLorey has more than twenty years of higher education teaching experience at schools of nursing, public health, and health management. She also has directed women and primary health centers and a women’s health education firm. DeLorey earned both her master’s and doctorate degrees in public health services management and behavioral sciences at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Roger Edwards, ScD

Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Professor Edwards has research interests that include innovations in obesity-related policies, pharmacy practice, the public health infrastructure, and maternal and child health care delivery. In 2009, he served on an expert panel as part of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action for Breastfeeding. Professor Edwards holds a Doctor of Science degree in health policy and management from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Steven Flammini, BS

Chief Technology Officer, Partners HealthCare

Steven Flammini joined Partners HealthCare as director of application development in 1992 and became its chief technology officer in 2001. He has published numerous articles in professional journals and made several symposium presentations related to health informatics. Flammini holds a degree in computer science and also completed graduate course work in the field.

Matthew S. Goodwin, PhD

Assistant Professor,  Bouve College of Health Sciences and College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University

Matthew S. Goodwin is joining Northeastern University as an Assistant Professor with joint appointments in the Bouve College of Health Sciences and the College of Computer and Information Science. He is the former Director of Clinical Research at the MIT Media Lab; has over 15 years of research and clinical experience working with children and adults on the autism spectrum; is well acquainted with a variety of experimental methods and statistical approaches used in the behavior sciences; and has extensive experience developing and evaluating innovative technologies for behavioral assessment and intervention. Matthew has received his B.A. in Psychology from Wheaton College in 1998 and his M.A. in 2005 and Ph.D. in 2008, both in Experimental Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.

Tonya Hongsermeier, MD

Principal Informatician, Clinical Informatics Research and Development, Partners HealthCare

Tonya Hongsermeier holds a medical degree from Boston University and practiced internal medicine for five years. She also earned an MBA with a health-care management focus at Boston University and has held several informatics leadership positions, including vice president for knowledge management solutions and patient safety at Cerner Corporation.

Stephen Intille, PhD

Associate Professor, College of Computer and Information Science and Bouve College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Stephen Intille has been a member of the Northeastern faculty since September 2010. His research is focused on the development of novel healthcare technologies that incorporate ideas from ubiquitous computing, user-interface design, pattern recognition, behavioral science, and preventative medicine. He is particularly interested in new systems for automatic measurement of health-related behavior from mobile phones and in-home sensor systems. Professor Intille has been principal investigator on sensor-enabled health technology grants from the NSF, the NIH, foundations, and industry and he has collaborated with researchers at organizations such as Stanford, Duke, and USC’s medical schools. Professor Intille holds a PhD and SM from MIT in Media Arts and Sciences and a BSE in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Craig Johnson, MS

Founder and President, Synthesis, Inc.

Craig Johnson is the founder and president of Synthesis, Inc., a consulting company focused on improving health outcomes in the public sector. His work includes directing the substance abuse performance management initiative for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Earlier, he cofounded ProVentive, Inc., a company providing software and services to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs. Johnson earned a master’s degree in applied mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Arvind Kumar, MS

Senior Vice President and Managing Partner, ACS Healthcare Solutions

Arvind Kumar has more than twenty years of executive-level experience in health care operations and information systems. He specializes in system strategy development and implementation for large academic and community-based hospitals and physician groups. He is a fellow of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society and holds a master’s degree in engineering management.

Saverio Maviglia, MD, MS

Senior Informaticist, Partners Healthcare System and Associate Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Saverio Maviglia conducts research on topics such as interactive computerized practice guidelines for chronic diseases; just-in-time information retrieval for drug, lab, and disease queries; knowledge management infrastructure design and development; wireless clinical computing technologies; and inpatient quality improvement. He was the inaugural speaker in the Interdisciplinary Health Informatics Seminar Series at the University of Pennsylvania and has written for several professional publications, including the International Journal of Medical Informatics. Dr. Mavigilia holds a medical degree from Harvard Medical School, a master’s degree in epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Princeton University.

Barbara Moore, MD

Pediatric Hospitalist, Franciscan Hospital for Children

A graduate of New York Medical College, Barbara Moore has been a staff pediatrician with Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, a pediatric pulmonologist with New England Medical Center, and a medical informatics fellow for the VA Boston Healthcare System. She also has been involved in several health information technology projects, including developing patient questionnaires and surgical quality improvement tools in Java.

George Moran, MPA

Senior Consultant, at Synthesis Health Systems, Inc.

George “Russ” Moran teaches in the High Tech MBA and MBA programs at Northeastern University, focusing on operations improvement and innovation in products and services. He also teaches in the Health Informatics graduate program and the MPH program at Northeastern University, focusing on leadership and health care strategies in the U.S. and internationally.  Mr. Moran brings more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry focusing on organizational leadership and strategy, organizational training and skill development, contracting, service operations and innovation.  His prior experience includes serving as EVP at Private Healthcare Systems and at Tufts Health Plan where his responsibilities included operations, customer relations, information technology, and hospital and physician contracting for both commercial and Medicare programs.  He holds an MPA from University of New Hampshire and a BA from St. Anselm College.

James Noga, MS

Chief Information Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts General Physicians Organization

James Noga has served in his current role since 1997 and is responsible for leading, managing, developing, and implementing information systems and services. He holds certifications in health-care financial management and in medical technology. Noga earned his master’s degree in biomedical computing and information processing from the Ohio State University.

Daniel Ollendorf, MPH

Chief Review Officer, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Daniel Ollendorf leads comparative effectiveness reviews of new or emerging health care technologies, including drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics. He previously served as the executive director of health economics outcomes research at IMS Health and as the vice president for analytic consulting services for one its units, PharMetrics, Inc. He also has published and lectured extensively. Ollendorf holds a Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology, biostatistics, and health services from Boston University.

Rupal Patel, PhD

Associate Professor, Bouve College of Health Sciences and College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University

Professor Patel is a member of the faculty for both the College of Computer and Information Science and the Department of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. She founded and directs the Communication Analysis and Design Labratory (CadLab). The mission of this interdisciplinary lab is to conduct research along two main themes: analysis of spoken communication and the design, development, and assessment of novel assistive human-machine interfaces. Current research projects include prosodic (melodic) analysis of impaired speech for developing voice-driven assistive communication aids, studying the effects of pitch and loudness perturbations on speech production, developing interactive software for teaching children how to read aloud with inflection, and designing and implementing novel brain-computer interfaces. Students from speech and hearing services, electrical engineering and computer science work collaboratively in the CadLab, a state-of-the-art facility for conducting psychoacoustic studies, software design and prototyping, and usability testing.

Daniel Ries, PhD

Senior Vice President, Health Dialog Services Corporation

Daniel Ries serves as a senior technical advisor and member of the Innovations Center for Health Dialog Services Corporation, which provides health education and support to 20 million people in the United States. He previously led the company’s technology group. He is the author of more than twenty-five professional and technical journal articles and holds a PhD in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Roberto Rocha, MD, PhD

Senior Corporate Manager for Knowledge Managemen and Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Informatics Research and Development Group, Partners HealthCare

Dr. Rocha came to Partners HealthCare from Utah, where he was a senior medical informaticist at Intermountain Healthcare, an executive vice president and lead informaticist at RemedyMD, and an assistant professor of biomedical informatics at the University of Utah. He also has been an associate professor of medical informatics and a hospital chief information officer in Brazil, where he earned his medical degree. In addition, he holds a PhD in medical informatics from the University of Utah. Dr. Rocha’s interests inlude knowledge management in biomedicine; modeling and representation of biomedical ontologies, data, and knowledge; and interoperability standards and best practices.

Todd C. Rothenhaus, MD, FACEP

Chief Medical Information Officer, Caritas Christi Health Care

A graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine, Todd Rothenhaus is an attending physician in the emergency department at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston as well as chief medical information officer for its parent organization, Caritas Christi Health Care. In addition to teaching in Northeastern’s health informatics program, Dr. Rothenhaus has been an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Boston University School of Medicine.

Cynthia D. Spurr, MBA, RN, BC

Corporate Director, Clinical Systems Management, Partners HealthCare

Cynthia Spurr leads clinical systems initiatives across the Partners HealthCare system, including those for Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Dana Farber Partners Cancer Center. She began her career at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a staff nurse before transitioning into nursing systems management and clinical systems management. Spurr is the cofounder of the Boston Nursing Informatics Consortium and a past president of the Health Informatics Management Systems Society. She has written and presented extensively on topics such as electronic health records and computerized physician order entry. Spurr earned an MBA in health care management at Boston University.

Joseph Ternullo, JD, MPH

Associate Director, Center for Connected Health, Partners HealthCare

Joseph Ternullo has been responsible for overseeing operations, contracting, policy development, and external relations for the Center for Connected Health since 1996. He serves on the boards of a variety of professional organizations, including American Health Information Communities, Continua Health Alliance, and the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center. Ternullo holds a master’s degree in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health and a law degree from Boston University.