Yashvanth Kondi

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I am a PhD candidate at Northeastern, where I am advised by abhi shelat.

My research interests lie in the design of novel cryptographic protocols with a focus on secure multiparty computation (MPC). Specifically, I am interested in the design and analysis of concretely efficient MPC primitives to realize functionalities of practical relevance. Find my latest resume here.

I can be reached at ykondi at ccs dot neu dot edu.

I graduated with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB) in 2017, where I was advised by Ashish Choudhury. I was also supervised by Arpita Patra at the CrIS Lab, Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

I am spending summer 2020 interning with the crypto research group at Novi/Facebook. I spent summer 2019 visiting Claudio Orlandi at the Aarhus Crypto Group.

Refresh When You Wake Up: Proactive Threshold Wallets with Offline Devices
Yashvanth Kondi, Bernardo Magri, Claudio Orlandi, and Omer Shlomovits
[TL;DR] [paper] [video] [.bib]

Multiparty Generation of an RSA Modulus
Megan Chen, Ran Cohen, Jack Doerner, Yashvanth Kondi, Eysa Lee, Schuyler Rosefield, and abhi shelat
[TL;DR] [paper] [videos: short, long (Jack)] [.bib]

Threshold ECDSA from ECDSA Assumptions: The Multiparty Case
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland) 2019
Jack Doerner, Yashvanth Kondi, Eysa Lee, and abhi shelat
[TL;DR] [paper] [video] [.bib]

Secure Two-party Threshold ECDSA from ECDSA Assumptions
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland) 2018
Jack Doerner, Yashvanth Kondi, Eysa Lee, and abhi shelat
[TL;DR] [paper] [video*] [.bib]
*Video linked to multiparty version due to more general approach

Efficient Adaptively Secure Zero-knowledge from Garbled Circuits
Public Key Cryptography (PKC) 2018
Chaya Ganesh, Yashvanth Kondi, Arpita Patra, and Pratik Sarkar
[TL;DR] [paper] [.bib]

Privacy-Free Garbled Circuits for Formulas: Size Zero and Information-Theoretic
Yashvanth Kondi and Arpita Patra
[TL;DR] [paper] [video] [.bib]

EUROCRYPT (2020, 2019, 2018), CRYPTO (2018), ASIACRYPT (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017), CCS (2019), TCC (2020, 2019), PKC (2019, 2017), SCN (2020)