CS 7880 - Special Topics in Cryptography, Fall 2020

Course Description

The course will cover various advanced topics in cryptography, at the forefront of current research. One of the main themes will be secure computation over encrypted data, but we will explore other topics as well.

Logistic: Tuesdays 12- 1:40, Thursdays 2:50 - 4:30 pm

Online over Zoom.

Prerequisites: We will assume basic knowledge of crypto at the level of an undergrad crypto course. For example, we assume students have familiarity with one way functions, symmetric and public key encryption, reduction-based proofs of security. If you are unfamiliar with some of these topics, it may still be possible to take the course with some additional self-learning to catch up.


Each registered student needs to prepare one lecture for the course.
Discuss with the instructor to come up with a topic and the paper(s) to cover for the lecture.

Preliminary List of Topics


Class/Date Topic Covered Resources Video, Notes
9/15/20 Learning with Errors (LWE), Regev Encryption MIT Course Notes video
9/17/20 Fully Homomorphic Encryption from Ground Up Eurocrypt19 Talkvideo, notes
9/22/20 Gentry-Sahai-Waters (GSW) FHE MIT Couse Notes, Simons Videovideo, notes
9/24/20 Bootstrapping, Fully Homomorphic Signatures paper 1, paper 2video1,video2, notes, slides

Suggested Projects


The following textbook is useful as a reference: Simons Workshop
Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Katz and Lindell.
Other useful resources include:
Graduate Crypto Book by Dan Boneh and Victor Shoup.
Lecture Notes by Rafael Pass and Abhi Shelat.
Lecture notes by Yevgeniy Dodis
Lecture notes by Chris Peikert
Lecture notes by Boaz Barak.
Slides by Stefan Dziembowski.
Slides,Notes by Gil Segev.