Algorithms - 51662 - CS 5800 - 01

Meetings: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm M Behrakis Health Sciences Cntr 220

Instructor: Emanuele Viola. Office hours .

TA: Chin Ho Lee. Office hours Thursday 4PM.

Let us know your CCIS username by filling out this form before class. If you do not have a CCIS account, please register a local account and then fill out the form.

Homework will be on the server by Monday 11:59 PM. It is due by the next Monday at 11:59 AM.

You grade will be 50% midterm and 50% final. Homework will be graded as follows.

High-speed hashing.
Open data structures..
[V] Think like the pros, a preliminary set of notes by Viola.


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