It was written
that I should be loyal
to the nightmare of my choice.
    -J. Conrad

Olin Shivers

Room 318
College of Computer and Information Science WVH-202
Northeastern University
Boston, Mass. 02115
+1 617 373.31.46 (voice)

I'm a professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. My research interests are programming languages, compilers, and systems.

At Northeastern, I am teaching CS U4410 / G6410: Compilers in the Fall (2018), and CS 2800: Logic and Computation in the Spring (2020).

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    Please get lost.

    My Scheme network code is available. The package runs in scsh, and includes a complete, extensible HTTP server.

    Planning to write a doctoral dissertation? Save me from repeating my standard advice on the subject, and read it instead.

    I organised the ICFP'98 Functional Programming Contest, with Marc Feeley.

    Stop asking me where I buy my coffee.

    Olin Shivers / shivers at ccs dot neu dot edu