A — Your Favorite PL


Due Thursday, 09 September 2021, by the end of your second lecture

Delivery Print your memo and place it on the instructor’s desk in the classroom.

Purpose Live up to specifications. Study them well.

Send emails from your Northeastern address. Read emails sent to your Northeastern address and react to them appropriately.

Explain yourself.

Task 1 Read the overview section concerning assignments. It spells out the standard for the remaining ones. Learn to navigate the tab on the left.

Task 2 One of the partners must send an email to the technical TA and CC the other partner. Use the Northeastern email addresses. The body of the email should state that the two of you are programming partners and how the two of you wish to communicate with each other. Just state the means of communication (landline, Twitter, SnapChat, Email, WhatSEver), not the details. Also include each partner’s username on the College’s Enterprise Github system (Github @ CCS).

In response, the head TA will assign you a GitHub @ CCS repository. You will deliver all solutions to the second homework assignment and up in this repo.

Task 3 Write a one page memo that rationalizes your decision to use your “teenage-heartbreak programming language” for the semester project.

Here are the most basic requirements:
  • The programming language of your choice must be available on our client’s delivery platform, though you may of course develop the code on your own computers.

  • It must provide access to command-line arguments, the standard input/output devices, a JSON library, a rudimentary GUI library, and basic network connectivity.

  • You may also wish to consider the external software tooling for the language: a tailored interactive development environment (IDE), a tool for running unit-tests, a debugger, a performance profiler, etc. Other than a unit-test tool, none of these are critical but they might be nice to have.

The first few small homework assignments, dubbed TAHBPL, are about exploring your language’s capabilities. If at the end of this exploration period you no longer wish to use the chosen language, see your instructor during office hours and discuss a switch to a different language.