2 — The Map

Due Wednesday, 06 October 2021, 11:59:59pm

Delivery Place the product of this week’s milestone into your repo as follows:

Programming Task Design and implement a data representation for maps of train connections.

At a minimum, the data representation should support the following:
  • an operation that constructs a map from cities and connections between cities;

  • accessors to this information;

  • an operation that yields the names of all cities on the map;

  • an operation that determines all feasible destinations.

Since Trains.Com, a Plan mentions observers and the game map isn’t a fixed piece, also consider what it takes to display such maps graphically in a separate software component.

Design Task Plan for a program that visualizes the map. What should the program consume? How should it be organized?

Describe the design in sufficient detail so that you can ship it to Codemanistan. There, an efficient and inexpensive subsidiary will program the design in your chosen language. When you get the code back, you should be able to (1) call it according to your specification without having to read the (probably complicated) code and (2) see maps drawn in (mostly) the way you desired them.

Note Sooner or later you will be in a position at work where formulating such descriptions will be your primary job. The key is to find the correct balance between being clear and essentially writing the code.

The memo should not exceed a page. Less is more.

Keep in mind our Trains.Com, a Plan when you work on designs.