Online Reviews

  1. Everyone who asks a question: state your name in the first sentence.

    (This is critical for Evaluating a Panelist.)

  2. A panelist may interrupt a presenter at any point.

  3. An audience member must raise the "Zoom hand" to ask a question.

    (The shoulder TA will call on the audience members in order.)

  4. Please refrain from using the Zoom chat during code walks.

  5. Even if you’re working together in person, use at least one or two sessions to figure out IDE settings (most important: font size size of window; presentation mode works badly online) ahead of your scheduled code walks.

Practice It is encouraged to practice code walks with another pair.

But do not use work-in-progress code for practice reviews.

The goal is to practie technical explanations, questioning, and reacting properly to questioning. So there is no need to use code that you still have to submit. Doing so will only create the danger that you accidentally copy code. And you don’t want to do that.