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Announcements The front page of the course’s web site is also the announcement page. Most of the announcements will point to small corrections to the weekly projects and responses to general email inquiries. Consult it at least once per day.

Office Hours





Office Hours







Tu 05:0006:00, plus appt


308 B





Tu 12:00-13:30



All office hours will be on-line so that you can see each other’s faces. The following table lists the staff members, their emails, and their office hour slots plus a Calendly link for booking a slot within the office hour.





Office Hours

Ben Greenman




email only

Suzanne Becker




Mon 06:0007:00pm. Wed 06:0007:00

Julia Belyakova




Mon 02:30pm03:30pm, Wed 02:30pm03:30pm

Kanika Rana




temporarily absent

Peter Abbondanzo




Thu noon-01:00pm

Mownika Asokan




Mon 11:00amnoon

Dhaval Dedhia




Wedn 04:0005:00pm

Evan Hiroshige




Tue 02:0003:00pm

Akanksha Gupta




Thu 09:4510:45am

Ritika Gupta




Mon 11:00am-noon

Deepak Kumar




Wed 05:0006:00pm

Mohan Shobana




Thu 01:0002:00pm

Felicia Zhang




Tue 02:0003:00pm

Meeting with instructors Each of the instructors will hold office hours on Zoom at a fixed time during the week. These meeting slots have already been scheduled for the entire semester. Everyone is welcome to join.

For concerns about pair programming, see your instructor. Otherwise, you may see any instructor; you do not need to limit yourself to the one of your section.

If you wish to meet with your instructor 1-1 or 1-2, send email and set up a separate appointment.

Arranging meetings with graders and pod leaders Check the schedule of the staff above.

Based on your agenda and time availability decide with whom you want to make an appointment:
  • for a question about the results of the test fest, send email to Ben Greenman. Depending on the nature of your concern, he may set up a Zoom call with you.

  • for a general concern about a milestone or coding, see any TA you are comfortable; if urgent, use the next available time slot;

  • for a concern about the grade for a code/design inspection, see the grader who signed the feedback;

  • if the concern does not get resolved, see the TA who heads the grader’s pod.

Use the Calendly link for the staff member you wish to see and book a time slot. This action will send an email to you and the TA with the instructions needed to join the Zoom call.

When you join the Zoom call, you will land in the "waiting room" for the TA who will invite you into a "personal room". You may have to wait for a preceding call to finish.

If you can’t make your appointed time, cancel ahead of time so that your reserved slot frees up and can be utilized by someone else instead.

Piazza You may use Piazza to discuss the course material and the homework problems (in general terms). We may answer a question once. Anybody who asks the same or a similar question again shows disrespect for our time; so we will not answer an already-answered question a second time.

If an answer demands a correction to a homework assignment, the change will be announced on the course homepage.

Email You are welcome to send email to the course staff and you are almost always guaranteed to get an answer within 24 hours, If you send email to other addresses, we will ignore them because they violate the course specifications, and learning to live up to specifications is critical.

No Language-Specific Help But, because we don’t know all the languages you chose and know all of them to different degrees, we cannot and will not help you with the details of your chosen language. The point of letting you choose is to let you figure out how to find, distill, and apply language-specific resources. You will quickly see how to adapt this to the languages that your future employers choose for you.