B — Command Line

Due Monday, September 14, 11:59:59pm

Purpose to explore rudimentary properties of the chosen programming language; to deliver software as specified

to figure out how to collaborate with a partner on-line

Delivery You must deliver xyesa program that is executable at the command prompt—in a directory called B in your repository (master branch).

All auxiliary files must be put into a sub-directory called Other.

Task Develop xyes, a shell-executable command-line program that echos the command line arguments to standard output (known as STDOUT).

In principle, the program turns all command line arguments into a string and concatenates those strings, separated by a single ASCII blank space. The program displaysThe word “display” means the surrounding string quotes do not show up. this final string an infinite number of times to STDOUT. If the first command line argument is --limited the program composes the output string from the remaining command line arguments and displays only 20 lines of this string. If there are no command line arguments to form the output string, the program uses "hello world" instead.

Hint Run

    $ yes

at the prompt of your *nix terminal. This outputs an infinite number of ys to STDOUT. xyes is a simple generalization.