Your Favorite PL


Due Friday, September 11, by the end of your first lecture

Purpose read emails sent to your Northeastern address and react to them appropriately; live up to task specifications

You will receive 10 points for completing, in a timely manner, both the form to which our email links you and your profile on the College’s Enterprise Github system (CCS Github). You will receive another 10 points if you complete these tasks in their entirety and we do not have to correct or edit any information.

Task Complete our email-supplied form and fill in your CCS Github profile with the following:

    An avatar (we strongly prefer a picture of you).

    A short bio about you, both technical and not.

    An organization to which you belong (NEU, if no other).

    Your email address (this field should populate for you).

    Your personal website (if you don't have one, make one now.)

Requirements The programming language of your choice must support a number of services on the delivery system (i.e. login-students): access to command-line arguments, the standard input/output devices, a JSON library, a rudimentary GUI library, and basic network connectivity.

Response In response you will receive an email with

  • the name of your partner, who wishes to use the same programming language;

  • the direct contact information for your partner; and

  • a pointer to a git repository on the CCS Enterprise Github system for the two of you.

You are to contact your partner immediately on receipt of this message and coordinate a first meeting (this meeting may take place online.).