2 — The Game Pieces

Due Thursday, 09 October 2020 08 October 2020, 11:59:59pm

Delivery Use the Fish directory in your repository to deposit

Keep in mind our Fish.Com, a Plan when you work on these milestones.

Programming Task Your programming task is to design and implement data representations of tiles and boards plus visual representations of fish and penguins.

The tile representation should define a visual presentation that determines fixes the size of the tiles and the maximum number of fish that can be displayed on a tile. Your tiles should accommodate at least five fish images. The only required piece of functionality retrieves the number of fish displayed on a tile.

The board representation should come with the following pieces of functionality:
  • creating a board that has holes in specific places and is set up with a minimum number of 1-fish tiles; You may combine this method with the next, your language permitting.

  • creating a board that has the same number of fish on every tile and has no holes;

  • determining the positions reachable via straight lines from a given position;

  • removing a tile from a board; and

  • rendering a the tiles graphically.

    If your programming language supports pictures as values—like say BSL and ISL in F I—-your method or function may return such a picture. Otherwise it consumes a window and adds it to a window.

If you conjecture that other pieces of functionality will be useful in the future, you may add them.

Design Task Both players and referees will need to access and manipulate game states, for example, for rule checking or for strategic planning. An implementation of Fish clearly demands a data representation for game states.

Describe a data representation for game states. Such descriptions typically mix English and references to the data sub-language of your chosen programming language. Add a description of an external interface; this may look like the wish lists from Fundamentals I and II. Distinguish the two parts clearly.

The memo should not exceed two pages, Less is more.