In-Class Reviews

at least we
don't have to obfuscate it before we ship it

The primary goal of a code walk is to explain the problematic part(s) of your code base. So, proceed as follows:
  • Introduce yourself.

  • Tell the class which language you chose and anything that’s special about it.

  • Remind the class of the task that is the focus of your presentation.

  • Run the test harnesses and/or unit tests as appropriate to illustrate the problem(s) we found.

  • Present the code in a top-down fashion. Explain your language as you go.

  • Be prepared to respond to questions by the class as admitted by the instructor.

Top-Down means that you explain how you organized your Program to solve the problem and for each function/class+method, you follow the design recipe to explain its purpose. Start with the main function/class and work your way to less important functions/classes+methods from there.