Lawson L.S. Wong

Assistant Professor
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Northeastern University

Office: 513 ISEC (805 Columbus Avenue)
Phone: (617) 373-7459
Mail: 360 Huntington Avenue, 129 ISEC
    Boston, MA 02115, USA

Lecture Courses

Spring 2022 CS 4610/5335: Robotic Science and Systems
Fall 2021 CS 4100: Artifical Intelligence
Spring 2021 CS 4100: Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2020 CS 4180/5180: Reinforcement Learning and Sequential Decision Making
Spring 2020 CS 4610/5335: Robotic Science and Systems
Fall 2019 CS 5100: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2019 CS 4100: Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2018 CS 5100: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Master's Thesis

Student Completion semester Topic
Lingzhi Kong Fall 2022 Integrating implicit deep learning with value iteration networks
Ziyi Yang Fall 2021 Natural language generation using non-differentiable objectives
Wei Xu Summer 2021 Indoor localization with description via natural language
Maxwell Love Spring 2021 Optimizing language-based navigation with genetic algorithms
Colin Watts Fall 2020 Using natural language processing to model rewards in reinforcement learning
Trevor Pearce Fall 2020 Online state abstraction error correction in goal-seeking environments
Seth Pate Fall 2019 Speak as you would listen: Better language models through grounding

Master's Project, Master's Research, and Independent Study

Student Semester Topic
Kevin Robb Spring 2023 Robot navigation using coarse maps
Melinda (Mino) Reyes Spring 2022 Extracting rough 2-D maps using computer vision
Sunny Sandeepbhai Shukla Fall 2021 Instruction generation with speaker-follower models in vision-language navigation
Aswin Shriram Thiagarajan Spring 2021 Model-based navigation using abstract 2-D maps
Zuchen Zhang Spring 2021 Sim2Real for bimanual robot manipulation
Alexander Chowdhury Spring 2020 Deep imitation learning for bimanual robotic manipulation
Fan Xie Spring 2020 Deep imitation learning for bimanual robotic manipluation
Likith Ponnanna Patrapanda Belliappa Spring 2020 Fully attentive vision-language navigation agent with beam search
Mengyuan Wang Fall 2019 Review of natural language grounding and generation
Behrooz Moradi Bajestani Fall 2019 Robot navigation with erroneous maps
Malcolm LeClair Spring 2019 Generating semantic maps from aerial imagery

Research Co-op

Student Semester(s) Topic
Nicholas Miklaucic Fall 2022 Guiding reinforcement learning with natural language
Lingzhi Kong Spring/Fall 2021 Compositional generalization in object-oriented world models
Siddarth Ganguri Summer/Fall 2019 Natural language instruction generation and localization