CS7880: Rigorous Approaches to Data Privacy






Date Topic Reading
Tue, Jan 10 Course Overview
Intro to Differential Privacy
Fri, Jan 13 Formalizing Differential Privacy:
Definition, Post-Processing, Composition, Examples
DR 1.*, 2.*, 3.1-3.2
Tue, Jan 17 Global Sensitivity and Laplace/Gaussian Noise, Statistical Queries DR 3.3, V 1.3
Fri, Jan 20 Composition Theorems DR 3.5
V 2.1-2 is also good for composition.
Tue, Jan 24 The Exponential Mechanism
Query Release: SmallDB
DR 4.0-4.1
V 4.1 is also useful
Fri, Jan 27 The Sparse Vector Algorithm
Online Query Release: Private Multiplicative Weights
V 4.2
DR 4.2 also covers PMW
Tue, Jan 31 Finish Online Query Release
Alternatives to Global Sensitivity
Fri, Feb 3 Alternatives to Global Sensitivity V 3.*
Tue, Feb 7 More Alternatives to Global Sensitivity ---
Fri, Feb 10 Finish Alternatives to Global Sensitivity DR 7.1, 7.3
Tue, Feb 14 No class! ---
Fri, Feb 17 No class! ---
Tue, Feb 21 Reconstruction Attacks V 5.1.1
(Optional: DR 8.1)
Fri, Feb 24 Lower Bounds via Packing V 5.2
(Optional: DR 8.2)
Tue, Feb 28 No class! ---
Fri, Mar 3 Finish Packing ---
Tue, Mar 14 Snow day! No class! ---
Fri, Mar 17 Start Tracing Attacks Secs. 1,3 of DSSV
Tue, Mar 21 Finish Tracing Attacks ---
Fri, Mar 24 Computational Hardness via Traitor Tracing
Hardness of Synthetic Data
V 6.1
this video may be useful
Tue, Mar 28 PAC Learning: Model and Classical Results Part I of JWV Notes
Fri, Mar 31 PAC Learning: VC Dimension ---
Tue, Apr 4 PAC Learning: Finish VC Dimension
Start Private Learning
Fri, Apr 7 Continue Private PAC Learning ---
Tue, Apr 11 Finish Private PAC Learning BNSV
Fri, Apr 14 Start Private Convex Optimization:
Convexity Basics, Output Perturbation
Bubeck 1.0-1.4
Tue, Apr 18 Gradient Descent Bubeck 3.0,3.1,3.4
Fri, Apr 21 TBD TBD