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Use Subversion in CCIS

1. Set a directory for your SVN projects, for example, ~/svn
mkdir svn && cd svn

2. Create repository in the directory you have just made by:
svnadmin create repository

3. Set a temp directory in ~/svn for holding your project temporaliy., for example, temp
mkdir temp && cd temp

4. Set the structure of the trunk for your project:
mkdir branches tags trunk && cd trunk

5. Copy your project into the trunk directory

6. Setup the repository for your project:
cd ~/svn && svn import temp file:///home/yourusername/svn/repository/projectname -m "initial import"

7. Use svn+ssh:// to access your project!

All done!

Use Calendar Client

1. Download software. If you are using PC, try Thunderbird + Lightning; if you are using Mac, you can just use

2. Setup calendar for yourself. If you are in CCIS, try to use the calendar features provided by Zimbra: log in your account and enter the "calendar" tab. You can also set up calendar through Google account, which supports WebDAV(See the help of Google Calendar).

3. Subscribe the calendar in your client downloaded, using the url link of the calendar.

4. Enjoy!

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