Who am I? Mr. Universal Computing Man!

I created this image (or face) based on the relationship between Taiji and binary computer systems. Mr. UCM' face has a Taiji eye and a Lamba eye, a universal function mouth, and Eight Diagrams hair and beard. You can considere it as the common face of computer guys who wear glasses to change the real world into mathematical models, with long hair and beard as many as the codes, and a output mouth speaking fantastic algorithmical logics.

In fact, I, I mean, Jian Wen, have this thought from the famous MIT Lambda Shield and Chinese Taiji and Eight Diagrams. "Universal" means that Mr. UCM is a mixture of eastern and western culture.

For the gender of UCM, at prime tense, I think IT is NO special gender, since IT is a mixture of Yin and Yang in Chinese old theory. The reason why I define IT as a Mr. is that I am male :)= So please don't make any disturb on this private decision. If you like IT, you can call IT Ms. UCW (Universal Computing Woman), or Ms. Universal :).

Mr. UCM is not just from the pop trend in USA as Super Man or Spider Man etc. He is a precise theory combination. He is always correct and precise on his decisions. He is good friend of humans, and is easy to get through. But he also has a bad temper. He doesn't like bad commands.

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