CSG230: Data Mining Technologies

Jian Wen

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-> News:

* 09/10 * I will be out of town until Sep 21st. During my absence, all my TA sessions will be online through email. Please turn to my email at jarodwen AT ccs DOT neu DOT edu for any problems related to our course. Sorry for any troubles on my absence. An additional TA session for my absence will be held on Thu, Sep 25th, from 1:30pm to 4pm(before your coop lecture).

* 09/19 * Small data set for project has been distributed through your email. Please check it out. If you didn't get it or have any questions on it, let me know through my email address above.

* 09/22 * Large data set for project has been distributed through your email.

* 09/27 * We will have a milestone on 23:59 EST, Oct 25th, 2008, when you should submit your work on the first algorithm(non-content based). Checklist for milestone submission: (1) Your code for non-content based algorithm; (2) Instructions on how to use your code for prediction; (3) Information about your team. Your submission will not be graded then, but no submission for this milestone will cause 20 points lost on your project score. (Updated 10/23)

* 10/10 * The solution for Quiz 1 is posted here: Quiz1_sol.

* 10/31 * The solution for Quiz 2 is posted here: Quiz2_sol.

-> Contact Me:

Email: jarodwen AT ccs.neu.edu

Office Hours: Wed 4-7pm, 472 WVH

Late visitiing(before 8pm) will be welcomed with arrangement ahead through mail to jarodwen AT ccs.neu.edu

Please use [CSG230]... in the title of your mails sending to me so that I can tell them from the mass of my mails!

-> Announcements

Project Rubics(Last Update: Sep 9, 2008)

Details description on project(Last Update: Sep 15, 2008)

Data Splitter for Project

-> Useful Links

Data Mining - Data Mining Source Code Download

Weka - a data mining toolkit from UW

Data sets for data mining from UCI

Test Data sets for data mining from UCR(Largest one in Time Series, as they said.)