CSU390 03F Midterm Grades

We will have nine total homework assignments and two exams in this course. The homework assignments will account for one-half of your final grade, and each of the two exams will account for one-quarter of your final grade. As of Tue, Nov 18, we have graded and returned five of the nine homework assignments as well as the midterm exam. To determine your midterm grade you must first calculate your midterm average.

For each of your homework assignments, we record two numbers: your assignment numerator and your assignment denominator. For example, if on HW01 you received a score of "114/132" then "114" is your HW01 numerator and "132" is your HW01 denominator.

Let HWn be the sum of all your homework numerators, and let HWd be the sum of all your homework denominators. Let HWa = 100*HWn/HWd; i.e., "HWa" is your homework average as a percentage.

Let ME be your midterm exam score, e.g., "72" (out of a possible 100).

Your midterm average, MA, is calculated as follows.

MA = ( 0.278 * HWa + 0.25 * ME ) / (0.528)

(This is not as mysterious as it may look. We have graded 5 out of 9 homework assignments which collectively are worth 1/2 of your grade; hence the (5/9)*(1/2) = 0.278 weighting factor for homeworks. Your midterm exam is worth 1/4 of your grade, hence the 0.25 weighting factor for the midterm exam. We then need to normalize the weighted average so that it has a maximum of 100; hence, the 0.278 + 0.25 = 0.528 normalization factor.)

Statistics: The average MA score for the class is 66.8 with a standard deviation of 17. You may interpret your MA score as a letter grade as follows.

78-100 "A" range
65-77 "B"range
50-64 "C" range
0-49 (see instructor)

Note: This grade scale is for midterm evaluation purposes only; it will almost certainly be modified at the end of the term depending on the outcome of grades for the remaining homeworks and the final exam.

If your midterm average is below 50, I urge you to see me so that we can discuss mechanisms (extra help, etc.) for helping you during the remainder of the course.