S. S. Intille, J. Rondoni, C. Kukla, I. Anacona, and L. Bao, "A context-aware experience sampling tool," in Proceedings of CHI '03 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. New York, NY: ACM Press, 2003, pp. 972-973.


A new software tool for user-interface development and assessment of ubiquitous computing applications is available for CHI researchers. The software permits researchers to use common PDA mobile computing devices for experience sampling studies. The basic tool offers options not currently available in any other open-source sampling package. However, the tool also has one a completely new type of functionality: context-aware experience sampling. This feature permits researchers to acquire feedback from users only in particular situations that are detected by sensors connected to a mobile computing device.


Context-aware experience sampling, context-aware ecological momentary assessment, ESM, EMA, reflection, eliciting preferences, PDA, ubiquitous and mobile computing. 


National Science Foundation