S. S. Intille, K. Larson, J. S. Beaudin, E. Munguia Tapia, P. Kaushik, J. Nawyn, and T. J. McLeish, "The PlaceLab: A live-in laboratory for pervasive computing research (video)," in Proceedings of PERVASIVE 2005 Video Program, May, 2005.


Video [334 MB DIVX AVI] 


In this video, we introduce the PlaceLab, a live-in laboratory for the study of ubiquitous computing technologies in the home. The PlaceLab is a real home where the routine activities and interactions of everyday home life can be observed, recorded for later analysis, and experimentally manipulated. Volunteer research participants individually live in the PlaceLab for days or weeks at a time, treating it as a temporary home. Meanwhile, sensing devices integrated into the fabric of the architecture record a detailed description of their activities. The facility generates sensor and observational datasets on typical domestic activity that can be used for research in pervasive computing, preventive healthcare, user interface design, and other fields where domestic contexts impact behavior.


Ubiquitous computing, context-aware, living laboratory, home, sensors, research methods.


This work was supported, in part, by National Science Foundation ITR grant #0313065 and the House_n Consortium. In addition, we thank TIAX, LLC and our initial volunteers.