Beyond Peak Oil

A Survey Based On Primary Statistics

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There are many excellent sites describing the issues of peak oil and oil depletion. The emphasis of this exposition is that

It is surprising how much high quality, authoritative information can be obtained from a careful search of the Web.

To summarize, some expert petroleum geologists have put together the most detailed predictions of future oil production, to date. They have concluded that we will reach peak oil production sometime in the years 2007-2012. While there will not be a rapid drop in oil production thereafter, there also will not be any capacity for additional oil production to fuel the world's growing economies. Until a transition to alternative energy sources is accomplished, this situation will throw a long shadow over today's economies.

- Gene Cooperman

Figure 12: World Oil Production (predictions of 2004 Hubbert Model, from ASPO Newsletter below)
Image UHDGdepletion

Overviews of Oil Depletion by Some of the Experts

Note that the definition of oil is not fixed. E.g., does it include Ethanol? Crude oil plus condensates (C+C) is often a common choice, with condensates largely from natural gas wells. (see natural gas liquids

Compare for yourself the predictions of future oil production:

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