LATEST NEWS: ECCAD schedule now available!! Please also watch this space for full poster abstracts along with pointers to further information.


          A one day meeting to stimulate activity in Computer Algebra

                           Northeastern University
			         Boston, MA
                            Saturday, May 3, 1997
                             9:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.


The fourth annual East Coast Computer Algebra Day will be held at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, on May 3, 1997. The first meeting of the series was held at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, followed by the University of Delaware, in Newark, Delaware, and IBM Watson Laboratories, Yorktown Heights, New York.

The scheduled talks include:

The Power of Examples: $\sqrt{2}+\sqrt{3}$ from Four Different Viewpoints
Susan Landau

Computing with large systems of linear Diophantine equations
Mark Giesbrecht

Theorem Prover Support for Computer Algebra Systems
Robert L. Constable

Topics in compter algebra include:

The program will include time for informal gatherings of participants. A session for the poster presentation of new and ongoing research, is scheduled. Abstracts of the posters will be published in the SIGSAM Bulletin, and a version of posters to be displayed on the Web is also solicited.

Vendor displays and software demonstrations are also anticipated. If you are interested in such a display or demonstration, please send e-mail to .

Registration is FREE. Funds are available in the form of grants to cover travel and lodging. Please send requests for such support to .

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Foundation (CCR-9707543), Northeastern University, and the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University, without whom, this workshop could not take place. A copy of this announcement is available at

Please direct any general questions to .