CSG140 Computer Graphics. Spring 2004. Quiz #1

Prof. Futrelle

This quiz is for Thursday 22 January - Closed book/notes

Question 1. For the figure below, transform the endpoints a and b of the line segment to transform the line segment. Each transform should be a 3x3 matrix (homogeneous coordinates). The transforms you are to construct and apply are first: Construct a translation matrix that moves the center of the line segment to the origin and then apply it to a and b. Second, rotate each resulting point around the origin by -90° (minus 90 degrees). Third, transform those resulting endpoints using the inverse of the original translation. Draw the final state of the line segment, indicating each transformed endpoint, a' and b'. Explain intuitively why you expect it to appear as you computed.

Question 2. Write out the 2x2 rotation matrix R(φ), for the general angle φ, and another, R(-φ), for minus φ. Form the product of R(φ) and R(-φ) and show that it is the identity matrix.

Question 3. Two planes have [x,y] normal vectors n1 = [1,0] and n2 = [1,1] (no z component). Compute the dot product of the two using Cartesian coordinates and show that the result is equal to the result obtained by using the formulation: n1·n2 = ||n1|| ||n2|| cosφ.