Introduction to Kiva Systems


Dancing Bots


CS4100 11:45 am - 1:25 pm Mon-Thurs WVH 110
Robert P. Futrelle, Associate Professor - Room 476 WVH
Office hours 2PM-3PM Thursdays in WVH 476 or by arrangement
Phone 617-373-4239

Course Structure

The course is divided into three major topics which cover Uncertainty (probabilistic techniques), Machine Learning, and Natural Language.


There will be one exam for each of the three course topics.


A custom textbook has been created and is on sale in the Northeastern bookstore for this course. It contains full chapters for certain topics selected by Professor Futrelle from the major text Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach ("AIMA"), 3rd edition


Grades are based on three exams 40% total, homework 35%, Project 25%.
10 point deduction per day for any homework assignment handed in late, but maximum deduction for any late homework assignment is 50 points if handed in.

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