Dear Colleagues --

Below is a call for papers for the ISMB Text Data Mining SIG,
to be held the day before ISMB 2002 (Aug. 2) in Edmonton.

We should have a web site available in a few days but I wanted to get this out and to encourage you to tell others know about this meeting.

We are soliciting papers, we have invited a few talks on recent evaluations (particularly the KDD Challenge Cup Tasks for this year, which are both biology and text data mining based), and we will be holding a discussion about the formation of an official SIG.

We encourage you to attend this workshop and to consider submitting a short paper.

We hope to see you in Edmonton,

    Lynette Hirschman and Alfonso Valencia

Abstract submissions for oral presentations
We would like to encourage members of the text data mining community to participate in this meeting and also to submit short papers for presentation. In particular, we would like to put more emphasis on the use of these techniques in the discovery of highly non-trivial, novel information in biology, including relationships at the molecular, biochemical and cellular levels.
Abstracts in the following areas are particularly welcome:
  • Biological discoveries independently supported by other experimental information using text mining
  • Annotated corpora of biological text for the benchmarking of existing methods
  • Approaches for database maintenance and integrity using text mining
  • Standardization and evaluation of methods for information extraction including algorithms (e.g. full parsers) and databases (e.g. portable ontologies).
Submission guidlines:
  • Platform presentations only
  • Submit abstracts by July 1, 2002
  • Decisions by July 15, 2002
  • Submissions to Lynette Hirschman
  • Acceptable formats: PDF, postscript, RTF, MS Word
  • Length: 2-4 page for abstract
  • PLEASE include name, contact details, affiliation