The token-numbered Prion paper

Version #6, 7/15/2004. Formatted by Tim Hawes, Northeastern University, Boston.

This token-numbered version of an Open Access paper was prepared as a convenient reference document for people to discuss by referring to specific numbered tokens (mostly words) and token sequences. Done under the sponsorship of Bob Futrelle, Northeastern U.

Each sentence is sequentially numbered. All words and punctuation items within each sentence are also numbered. The tokenization breaks apart many items that were contiguous in the original; this allows a more "fine-grained" discussion.

Here is the link to the token-numbered paper, in HTML format.

This is the citation information for the original paper:

PLoS Biology
Volume 2 | Issue 4 | APRIL 2004
Dissection and Design of Yeast Prions
Lev Z. Osherovich, Brian S. Cox, Mick F. Tuite, and Jonathan S. Weissman 

The original article is available at this URL.