CSCI B522 Homework 3r (Fall 2009)

Due 3pm Friday, October 30, 2009

You can use LaTeX or Word to typeset this assignment. The .pdf or .doc file should be submitted here.


You can redo HW3 problems: 3b and 4c, for upto 80% credit.

Everyone must redo Problem 4(c). If your score was close to 80% already, you will get bonus points for having gotten closer to the solution the first time around.

Note: We will have a detailed group discussion about Problem 4c in class on Tuesday, Oct 27th. Please make sure you have looked at that problem again and thought about how you would redo it before you come to class on Tuesday (Oct. 27). You should work on writing up Problem 4c after we have discussed it in class.

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