B.S. Combined Major for Computer Science and Music Composition and Technology

Computer Science Overview Courses

Freshmen or freshmen transfers should complete the following two courses:

  • CS 1200 CS/IS Overview 1
  • CS 1210 CS/IS Overview 2: Co-op Preparation

Computer Science Fundamental Courses

Complete the following four courses with corresponding labs, as indicated. A grade of C- or higher is required in each course.

Computer Science Required Courses

Complete the following four course:

Computer Science Senior Seminar

Complete the following course:

Computer Science Elective Requirements

  • CS Elective 1
  • CS Elective 2

A CS elective is a 4 SH course that is not already required and that is in the ranges:

  • CS 2600 or higher, except CS 5010
  • IS 2000 or higher, except IS 4900

English Requirement

Complete the following two courses:

With permission, you may substitute ENGW 3301 for ENGW 3302.

  • ENGW 3301 Advanced Writing in the Disciplines

Music Theory Required Courses

Complete the following two courses, with corresponding musicianship courses as indicated:

Music History Requirement

Complete the below course:

Music Composition

Choose one Music Composition Seminar.

Music Technology Requirement

Complete the following three courses:

  • MUST 1220 Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUSC 3560 Historical Traditions: Music since 1900
  • MUST 4520 Interactive Real-Time Performance

Electronic Composition and Performance

Complete the following two courses in the order indicated:

  • MUST 4610 Composition for Electronic Instruments
  • MUST 4611 Music Technology Capstone / Recital

Music Technology Integrative Course

Music Lessons

Complete the following (repeatable) course four times:

Music Elective Requirements

Complete two additional courses from the following list:

General Requirement

Computing and Social Issues

Complete one of the following courses:

  • SOCL 4528 Computers & Society
  • SOCL 3485 Environment, Technology, and Society
  • ANTH 3418 Wired/Unwired: Cybercultures and Technopolitics
  • IA 5240 Cyberlaw: Privacy, Ethics, and Digital Rights

 General Electives

Complete four general electives. If the NU Core comparative study of cultures requirement is to be satisfied by taking a course, then it must be one of the general electives.