Undergraduate Research

In addition to the awards CCIS students have earned from institutions such as the CRA and ACM, many students have conducted research with faculty and have published papers in computing conferences and journals.

We encourage our students to actively participate in faculty projects. Please see the list of faculty projects below to get a sense of the types of research undergraduates have carried out with CCIS professors. To get more information about a faculty member’s research interests, click on the individual name below or visit our faculty page for a complete list.

Bickmore, Timothy

  • Modalities for Building Relationships with Handheld Computer Agents
  • Task Interruption and Health Regimen Adherence

Cooperman, Gene

  • A Reversible Debugger with Deterministic Replay
  • Formal Verification of a Physics Trigger
  • Integration of DMTCP and OpenMPI
  • Porting DMTCP to Infiniband

Fell, Harriet

  • Automatic Detection of Affect in Speech

Felleisen, Matthias

  • PICOBIT Scheme Compiler

Noubir, Guevara

  • Low Power ZogBee Coverage
  • Secure Wireless Ad hoc Robots on Mission (SWARM II)
  • Social Access Points
  • VolP Architecture and Testbed for Low Power Links
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

Shivers, Olin

  • Rewrite and Port Edwin, a Large and Complex Program that Implements a Powerful and Popular Text Editor Called Emacs

Sundaram, Ravi

  • Fonegard: Remote Surveillance Using Mobile Devices
  • Hot Migration of Virtual Machines Across Network Segments
  • Prestar Item Borrowing and Lending System for CCIS

Viola, Emanuele

  • Polysearch: Brute-force Search for Correlation Bounds