Elizabeth Brown Represents CCIS at the Google FUSE Program

ebrown_portraitElizabeth Brown is representing the College at this year’s Google FUSE program, taking place in New York City. Elizabeth is one of 50 participants.

The goals of this program are to form a network among top young students from underrepresented backgrounds in computer science that will allow them to learn about research, academic, and industry opportunities in years to come; make connections between students and Googlers that will allow students to discover career paths, create meaningful academic experiences, and take advantage of the college years in computer science, and; give students an insight into careers in computer science and show how rewarding, challenging, and fun they can be.

Elizabeth’s interest in computer science began at an early age. The summer prior to entering high school she enrolled in The Artemis Project, a five week summer camp during which small groups of girls are taught about computer science by women in undergraduate CS programs. Her participation in this program confirmed her passion for the field. She followed that passion for computer science to Northeastern University.

Early exposure to such a strong presence of successful women from the field served as an inspiration to Elizabeth who is dedicated to sharing that inspiration with others. She is an active member of CISters, the CCIS women’s group. In the fall she will serve as CISters’ Outreach Chair, planning and organizing events to inspire girls in the Boston community by sharing their enthusiasm for the field.

Elizabeth is also eager to share these passions with others selected to participate in this year’s FUSE program. The people who attend will come from widely varied backgrounds but will share a common life thread as underrepresented students in computer science. It will be a very powerful experience that she is honored to be a part of. CCIS is proud to be represented by Elizabeth Brown at this prestigious gathering.

In addition, Elizabeth is a development intern at The Conference Exchange (Confex) in Cumberland, Rhode Island; an opportunity that she finds intellectually challenging and interesting. Her work, which is primarily in Perl, provides her with a strong sense of satisfaction as the applications she writes are used by clients directly. She credits CCIS’s Fundamentals of Programming courses as providing a strong knowledge base that has made her transition into this position seamless.

For information on the Google FUSE program, visit http://www.google.com/jobs/fuse/.