Updated: January 13, 2013

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Central CCIS degree programs

CCIS Course Descriptions

Combined majors with the College of Business

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Combined majors with Cognitive Psychology

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Combined majors with mathematics and the sciences

Mathematics Course Descriptions 
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Combined majors with the College of Art, Media, and Design

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CCIS Minors

College Honors Distinction in CCIS

The goal of the College Honors distinction in CCIS is to encourage strong students to undertake a project or activity in which they may achieve excellence. Projects may range over research, software development, data analysis, or experimental prototyping. Activities may include work with significant social impact or a service learning endeavor. To apply for College Honors, the student must prepare a full report or publishable paper and a short executive summary. The student must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 but the student does not need to be a member of the university Honors program. A small faculty committee in the college will make the final decisions as to which students will receive College Honors.

For more information on the College Honors distinction in CCIS, click HERE.

Details on the application process will be posted in Spring 2013.

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The Northeastern map app allows a user to select any campus building or parking facility via the dropdown menu. The map app is designed to work well on a large screen or on a small mobile device. The user may choose to see a normal map view and a satellite map view simultaneously.

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