CCIS Computing and Student Computers


CCIS has 3 lab facilities in its building West Village H.

  • 102 WVH
    • Lab open to all CCIS students during the day and evening
    • 80 systems available with a mixture of Linux and Windows
    • Additional tables and power strips available for student laptops
  • 210 WVH
    • Used for scheduled lab sections for courses
    • 48 Windows systems
  • 212 WVH
    • Used for scheduled lab sections for courses
    • 40 Windows systems
  • Access to Linux is possible from all systems in the CCIS labs by logging in through a Windows system.
  • There are many other computer labs on campus. The biggest is the Info Commons in the Snell Library containing both Windows systems and Macs, and open to all students


The CCIS Systems Group maintains a specific suite of software for use by students in the college. Programming languages and integrated development environments (IDEs) can usually be downloaded by students for their personal systems for free.

The primary online storage for student data is on the Linux servers but there is a transparent way that data created on the Windows systems in the labs may be saved to the Linux storage area.

Central IT supplies a large suite of general purpose software on its NUnet network. This software may be accessed both on the machines managed by Central IT and on the CCIS lab systems. This software cannot be downloaded by students for free. If you use this software, you may want to take advantage of the CCIS options for online data storage.

Student computers

Many faculty and students choose to work with a machine that is configured to run more than one operating system. In this case, you need to partition both the internal memory and the available hard drive space.

Here are some recommended system parameters:

  • Minimum of 4 GB of internal memory
  • If you plan to run 2 operating systems in parallel then 8 GB of internal memory will probably be more satisfactory
  • Get as much hard disk space as you can afford
  • Having the fastest current processor is not needed; Usually it is much less expensive to choose a processor that is one or two steps below the fastest available
  • myNEU lists vendors with discounts