Information Science: Bachelor of Science

The BS in Information Science studies how information is acquired, organized, communicated and used by both people and computers. The program combines concepts and skills from computer science, behavioral/social science, and system design into an integrated curriculum that is people-centered. The required coursework covers information architecture; information system design and development; programming and software design; database design; systems and networks; information resource management; social informatics; quantitative and qualitative research methods; and human-computer interaction.

Although there is no sharp boundary between the concerns of Computer Science and Information Science, it may be said that CS is concerned with building the software and services infrastructure used by people and organizations worldwide whereas IS is concerned with the information and software needs of a particular business, health-care provider, government agency, or non-profit. Thus, an IS person may often need to adapt and enhance the software systems provided by the CS person. Both the CS and the IS person need an awareness of technical issues and people issues.